Bulloneria a disegno Viti e viteria ASTM DIN ISO EN Sistemi di fissaggio di alta qualità Bulloni y dadi ASTM Bullonatura speciale DIN 2510 2509 Bulloni per alte temperature ASTM A193 dadi speciali Tiranteria ASTM Fissaggi speciali duplex Inconel monel Bulloni tempi di consegna brevi e rapidi


TORNILLERÍA ESPECIAL métricos o imperiales. Tornillos ASTM DIN ISO EN Esparragos de fijacion en DIN 2510 2509 TORNILLERÍA ASTM Tuercas especiales Pernos para altas temperaturas Elementos de fijacion especiales Duplex Inconel Monel Espárragos y tuercas ASTM PARA EMERGENCIAS

Urgent deliveries, Short delivery times

Industrial fasteners ASTM DIN ISO EN Special bolting metric and imperial Nuts bolts custom made to drawing Studs and bolts fasteners Studbolts ASTM Special turbine bolting Rotating equipment Bolts threaded rods Bolts high temperature ASTM A193 Special fasteners Duplex Inconel Monel Bolts rush short delivery time Special bolting and DIN 2510 2509


Industriële bevestigingsmaterialen ASTM DIN ISO EN Speciaalbouten volgens plan en DIN 2510 2509 Bouten volgens tekening metrisch en duims Bevestigingsmaterialen DIN ISO EN ASTM studbolts draadstangen Turbinebouten Bouten hoge temperatuur ASTM A193 Speciale bouten in Duplex Inconel Monel Moeren, korte levertijd, voorraad, snelle productie Bouten, korte levertijd, voorraad, snelle productie

Our possibilities :

Our different sources can do the below productions, in normal, short and very short lead times : thread rolling thread rolling bolt stud thread rolling threaded rod draadrollen draadrollen bout studs draadrollen draadstang draad rollen draad rollen bout studs draad rollen draadstang draadwalsen draadwalsen bout stud draadwalsen draadstang schroefdraad rollen schroefdraad rollen bout schroefdraad rollen…

Any material grade, size, length or drawing

new legislation for corrosion resistance 1.4529 1.4571 duplex 1.4462 material  stainless A2 stainless steel with material certificates A4 stainless steel with material certificates Superduplex F55 UNS S 32760 SA FLT SG Fasteners double ends studs with reduced shank and with hexagon nuts bolt nut double end stud structural bolts stud bolts Fully threaded studs / studbolts rotor stud connection rod compressor bolt screw nut turbine…