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SFSB is your main partner (20 years of experience ) for all rush / short delivery fasteners (bolts, studs, nuts, stud bolts stud bolt studbolt studbolts) with material certificates EN 10204 3.1, according to drawing / specification, and in all materials. We service offshore, energy, petrochemical and heavy industry customers with their urgent requirements. Special parts can be delivered in matter of hours/days. Not comitted to some manufacturers so we will always find a solution to the problem. ASTM Studbolts, Turbine bolting, high temperature bolting, reduced shank bolting (DIN 2510 all types and to customer specification). Any diameter or length and any type of material : B7, L7, L43, B16, B7M, L7M, B8, B8CL2, B8M, B8MCL2, B8T and nuts in 2H, G3, G4, G7, G8, G8M, G8T ; Monel 400 and K500, Inconel / Alloy 601 / 625 / 825, Titanium (all types), Inconel, B8C, B5/3, B6/6, Duplex / Superduplex / UNS S 32760 / 32750 / 31803, Zeron 100, 1.4462, B22, B23CL2, B24, Uranus B6 (904L)...

Gas extraction – systems and equipment
Petroleum – heavy derivatives
Industrial consultants
metal lapping
Cocks and valves
High-pressure valves
Waste and refuse incineration – plants
Barges – construction
Alarms – security devices
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Autoclaves for research institutes
Automation – systems and equipment
Dredging contractors
Industrial waste management
water treatment plant management
Fastening devices
internal grinding
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Bottom pressure vessels
Nuts and bolts, custom-made
Nuts and bolts
construction of industrial plants
construction of offshore oil drilling platforms
Fire protection equipment
Industrial piping
Pneumatic tubes – systems
Pipes and tubes
Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic
Central heating systems
Chemistry, inorganic – raw materials and derivatives
design of special systems
Pipeline construction and installation
Construction Materials
Steel, structural
Monitoring and control equipment
Submersible pumps
Turning – steels and metals
gas pressure regulators
Electrical components and parts
Electricity – production and distribution
Electricity supply stations
electric pumps
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Groupage services
Extrusion systems
precision mechanical engineering
Gas – production and distribution
Gas and oil – exploitation
Gases, compressed and liquefied
Portable power tools
Machine tools – metal machining
Iron, special grade and pig iron
compressed gases wholesale
Port services
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High-pressure technology
high pressure fittings
Hydraulic equipment
Import-export – steels and metals
Import-export – vehicles and transport equipment
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Inductive sensors
Industrial maintenance
Machine vision system
industrial constructions
industrial gas
Industrial pumps
Removals – industrial facilities
industrial vision
Engineering – industrial consultants
Stainless steels
systems and equipment for oil refineries
plants and equipment for industrial waste
gas storage systems
wind systems
systems, machinery and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry
Cables – accessories
Boilermaking, naval
Boilermaking, heavy
Chains – accessories
small aeronautic parts.
Air conditioning, aeration and ventilation equipment
Plastic material – tubes and pipes
welding equipment
Plumbing, industrial
Aerospace and aeronautics – construction
Aeronautics – equipment
mechanical constructions
Mechanical engineering – custom work
Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments – output and flow
Measurement and regulation equipment and instruments – pressure
Metal construction, lightweight
Industrial building construction
turbine meters
distribution of methane
Extraction machinery and equipment – minerals and ores
Mining services
Environment – services
torque wrenches
Erection and dismantling of industrial plants
Assembly of steel constructions
Offshore drilling services
Offshore construction
Offshore services
mechanical equipment maintenance
Maintenance work – contractors
electrical panel design
Design and manufacture of all sorts of bridges
Design and manufacture of steel architectural structures
Design and manufacture of petrochemical plants
hvac design
offshore platform design
Paper – collection and recycling
Perforation of steels and metals
Compressed air tools and systems
Oil – distribution
Petroleum fuels and additives
Pneumatic systems and tools
Pipes and tubes, precision – ferrous metal
Recycling and recovery – miscellaneous materials
paper scrap recovery
Bridge renovation
Factory renovation
Building renovation
Repairs – industrial equipment
Stainless steel unions
Rubber and plastic – processing
Rubber products
Naval engineering yard
Shipyards – construction
Shipyards – repairs and maintenance
Ship equipment
Ship maintenance and repairs
Naval construction
Cutting – steels and metals
Special screw
Steel, crude
Steel, special
Iron, steel and metallurgy – import-export
Steels and metals – surface treatment and coating
Steels and metals – machining
construction, metal
Supplier of steel
steel dies
steam turbines
process control and industrial automation systems
pressure tanks
Tanks, metal
tower cranes for construction
Hoisting brackets – cranes
Transport – wide and long loads
Tunnel construction
equipment for the petrochemical industry
fall prevention system and equipment
Safety control for industry
valves for industrial fittings
Diesel engines
Engines, internal combustion – components and parts
Removals – industrial facilities
new and used tower crane rental
Heating and air conditioning – works
heating methane
Aircraft engines
incinerators and combustion plants with energy recovery
Heat exchangers
Water – production and distribution
water distribution
Civil engineering – contractors
Marine, port and underwater works – contractors